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What is Jifflr?

Jifflr is a brand-new market research app, available on both iPhone and Android, which allows you to earn money by completing market research campaigns. In about 10 minutes a day, you have the potential to earn up to £500 per month.

Does Jifflr really work?

Yes! Organisations around the world spend money on market research. We're just giving some of that money back to you.

Is it free?

Yes, it's free and you can earn up to £500 a month. If you're a business and want to run market research in Jifflr there's a small charge, but that's to be expected.

How do I download Jifflr?

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on which type of smartphone you have. Search for Jifflr and then download the app.

Do I need to use the Invitation Code?

Yes, if you want to earn extra money. If you use the code, you'll increase your first cash-out by 25%; that could be an extra £125.

I don't have a smartphone, can I still use the app?

No, not yet, you can only use smartphones for now, but versions for Apple or Android tablets will be coming soon.

Do I have to set up as a business to earn money through it?

No, just download the app, invite your friends and family and start to earn money. It's that simple.

Do I need to pay tax on the money I earn?

Possibly, taxation rules vary by country. Seek independent advice from a local tax professional in your country.

Is this pyramid selling?

No, definitely not. We will never ask you to sell anything and we will never ask you for money to review campaigns. When you review campaigns the money comes from us to you.
If you are concerned about what pyramid selling is, see the Action Fraud website:

Is this a scam?

No, it is simply sharing the money that we receive with you. If you are unsure what is a scam, see the Action Fraud website:

Can I leave Jifflr?

Yes, whenever you want. Just select Close Account from within the app. We'll delete your personal information but your team will be unaffected so they can still earn money. Please note, if you leave you can't rejoin the same team, you'll have to create a new team from scratch.

I think my account has been hacked, do I need to do anything?

Yes, change your password as soon as possible. If you can't login, request a password reset.

Do you really need my home location?

Yes, but it's just your hometown or city to make sure that Jifflr content is tailored to you.

Does GPS need to be enabled to use Jifflr?

Yes, it's so Jifflr content is tailored to your location. We will try not to show you content intended for a different country or city.

Do you really need my name?

Yes, you will be working with us to conduct valuable market research for our third party organisations. We will be paying you cash for conducting that market research and we need to maintain accurate financial records which means that we need to know who is receiving any money.

Do you really need my age and gender?

Yes, we want you to have the best possible experience of using the Jifflr app and we'll do our best to make sure you review campaigns that will be of most interest to you, based on your age, gender and hometown or city.

Will you share my personal data?

No. We will not share your personal information. Any market research responses that we return to the organisations that place the market research campaigns in Jifflr will be fully anonymised.

Do you protect my data?

Yes, of course. We take data security very seriously and we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If I leave will you delete all my data?

Yes, your personal information will be deleted in full.

Do you track me when I'm not using the app?

No, that's creepy, we will never do that. The location setting helps us to send you campaigns relevant to where you're based.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, your data is safe. Jifflr has been created to be fully compliant with GDPR. You can read our privacy policy here.

Do you manage the information you hold?

Yes, we know what personal data we hold and where it came from. As Jifflr is a market research application, we will return your responses to campaign creators, but never your name. Jifflr anonymises your responses and your name is never shared.

Will you tell me if your privacy policy changes?

Yes, Jifflr will make sure you are aware if our policies change. You can also read our latest privacy policy here.

Will you protect my individual rights?

Yes, you really are important to us. We regularly conduct reviews of our procedures to ensure they cover all your data rights, including providing you with a copy of your data on request or deleting your personal data if you choose to leave Jifflr.

Can I request a copy of my data?

Yes, it is easy to request a copy of your personal data, just submit a request here.

Are you processing my data in a lawful way?

Yes, we would never do anything illegal with your data.

Will you always ask me before taking my information?

Yes, Jifflr is a professional market research organisation. We'll make sure you fully understand what data we would like and why. Obtaining your permission is important to us.

Do you capture information on child users?

No, Jifflr is intended for people aged 18 years and over. We conduct age verification during registration and users need a PayPal account to withdraw any earnings.

Will you let me know if you are hacked?

Yes, in the unlikely event that your personal data is exposed, we will inform you and let the appropriate authorities know. Rest assured we have processes in place to detect hacking and we will respond very quickly.

Is my data really safe?

Yes, we've designed data protection into Jifflr, it's not an afterthought.

Do you have a Data Protection Officer?

Yes, we take data privacy seriously.

Where is my data stored?

London, UK, in a state-of-the-art data centre. We are a truly global business and we chose the UK due to the high standards required for personal data protection.

Do I really need to invite people?

Yes, if you'd like to earn more. The amount that you earn is based upon the total number of market research campaigns that you and your team review.

Can I grow my team?

Yes, invite people to join Jifflr and watch your team grow as they invite people themselves.

Is there a limit to the size of my team?

No. We don't restrict how large your team can grow because that would be unfair.

Can I join someone's team?

Possibly. If you're new to Jifflr you can ask someone to send you an invite to their team. Simply use the invitation code in the email you receive and you'll be part of their team.

Can I leave my inviter's team?

Yes, delete their invitation code within two weeks of registering with Jifflr. After two weeks, your invitation code field is locked and you won't be able to leave their team. Remember, if you're not in a team you won't qualify for the 25% bonus on your first cash-out, which could be worth up to £125.

My invitation code field is locked, is that right?

Yes. The invitation code field is locked after two weeks of registering, whether a code has been entered or not. We recommend entering the invitation code as soon as possible, as your first cash-out will receive a 25% bonus, which could be worth up to £125.

My team size has reduced, is that possible?

Yes, people are free to join and leave Jifflr as they wish, so this may affect your team size.

Do I have to review 20 campaigns per day?

No, you can review as few or as many as you like, but over the month we limit earnings to a maximum of 20 campaigns per day. If you review half this number, that is an average of 10 campaigns per day, you'd earn half the maximum.

Is there a minimum number of campaigns I need to watch per day?

Yes, if you want to earn some money you'll need to review an average of 4 campaigns per day, over a month, (about 120 a month) to qualify for any income.

Is it really just 10 minutes a day?

Yes, it takes about 10 minutes a day to review 20 campaigns, give or take a minute or so. A campaign is 30 seconds long and there are just 3 quick questions to answer on each.

Do I have to watch all 20 campaigns in one go?

No, you can watch them spread out over the day, whenever you have some spare time e.g while you're waiting in a queue, watching TV or on the bus.

I have a backlog of campaigns to review, is that right?

Possibly. Review an average of just 4 campaigns per day to avoid a backlog. Clear your backlog to earn.

Can I review more that 20 campaigns per day?

Yes! We really hope that you'll find your Jifflr experience enjoyable, so feel free to review as many as you like. But over the month we limit earnings to a maximum of 20 campaigns a day.

I reviewed 20 campaigns a day this month but I've earned less, is that correct?

Possibly. The amount you earn depends on the total number of campaigns reviewed by you and your team and the amount that campaign creators pay to show their market research campaigns in Jifflr. Both can vary and we have no control over either, so the amount you earn might be different each month.

Sometimes I see a blank screen instead of a campaign, is that right?

Possibly. Some campaigns are provided by third party organisations and if they are slow to send the campaign you may see a blank screen. Refresh the app while you are connected to the Internet to load the missing campaign.

Do I need WIFI or internet access to use Jifflr?

Yes, the campaigns are downloaded to the app from the Internet, so you need WIFI or a data connection to access them.

Can I really make £500 per month?

Yes! You will earn money when you and people in your team review the market research campaigns. The maximum you can earn is £500 per month and as you invite more people to join your team your earnings should grow towards the maximum.

Do I need to pay tax on the money I earn?

Possibly, taxation rules vary from country to country. It's best to seek independent advice from a local tax professional in your country.

Will I be paid in cash?

Yes, cash via PayPal. No credits, coins, vouchers; it's just hard cash.

My income is less than last month but my team has grown, is that right?

Possibly. Your income depends on the total number of campaigns reviewed by you and your team and the amount campaigns creators pay to show their market research campaigns in Jifflr. Both can vary, so the amount you earn might be different each month.

Can I withdraw my money?

Yes, any balances of £10 and over can be withdrawn via PayPal.

My money has not been received, have you sent it?

If you have a balance of £10 or more, enter a valid PayPal email address and select 'cashout' you should receive your money within 24 hours. Please check the 'cashout' email you were sent for details. Check your spam folder in case it has gone there.

Will you let me know how much money I've earned?

Yes. The amount you've earned is dependent upon the campaigns you and your team reviewed over the whole month. Your earnings total will update on the 1st or 2nd of the next month, once we've finished the calculations.

PayPal is not available in my country, can I still use Jifflr?

Yes, you can still build a team and earn money. You only need a PayPal account when you want to withdraw those earnings.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I still use Jifflr?

Yes, you can use someone else's PayPal account and they can give you the cash. But make sure you get their agreement first.

I'm under 18, can I still use Jifflr?

No, Jifflr is intended for people aged 18 years and over and you'll need access to a PayPal account to withdraw the money. We'll verify your date of birth when you register.

I've withdrawn money to the wrong PayPal Account, can you get it back?

No, unfortunately there's nothing we can do as we followed your instructions and paid it to the PayPal account you gave us. You could try contacting the person you've given the money to and ask for them to return it to you.

Should I run market research campaigns on Jifflr?

Yes, Jifflr provides a unique and cost-effective market research opportunity. Whether you're a large multinational company or a small local business, you'll be able to understand the needs of your potential new customers by running Jifflr market research campaigns.

Can I create a Jifflr campaigns?

Yes, just select Campaign Builder on the app's home screen and follow the simple instructions. Then create up to three market research questions to better understand your potential customers.

Can I target my campaign to a specific audience?

Yes, you can tailor the audience for your campaign to make sure you get maximum value from your research budget.

Can I see how much my campaigns will cost?

Yes, costs are quoted for every 1,000 campaigns views in the Campaign Builder.

Can I generate my own market research questions?

Yes, Campaign Builder provides a variety of question templates that you can tailor.

Will I know if my campaign has been successful?

Yes, when your campaign finishes, we'll email you a table with responses from your target audience.

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