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Jifflr provides you with an easy, cost effective and unique way to reach out to your target audience and to understand what they really want.

With Ad Builder you can quickly and easily create and run market research campaigns for your chosen audience and ask each respondent up to three questions.

6 easy steps to create your own market research campaign
Campaign Name mockup

Name your Ad

Campaign Template mockup

Select a template

There are 5 templates to choose from

Campaign Content mockup

Add your content:

A title, image or video, and message


Set up to 3 market research questions.

Better understand your target audience by selecting from these 9 templates:


Set a schedule

Choose the best time to show your Ad campaign

Campaign Schedule mockup

Select your target audience

Gender, Age, and Location

Campaign Demographic mockup More Detailed Targeting Coming Soon
Finally, review your campaign, set your budget and that’s it*, you’re all set!
Campaign Summary mockup
*Please note to maintain Jifflr’s quality standards a small submission fee will be charged the first time that an Ad and associated questions are used in an Ad campaign. Once we begin processing your ad campaign this nominal fee (check the FAQs for further details) is non-refundable. Ad campaigns should then go live 24 hours after they are submitted.

If you wish to cancel your ad campaign or edit your campaign schedule or targeting settings you can do so via the campaign overview screen.

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